Office Hours

In addition to our regular office hours, EMERGENCY and EVENING appointments can be arranged depending on urgency and availability. We are currently ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS.

If you would like to become a new patient, go to the Contact Page and fill out the New Patient Request form. All information submitted is strictly confidential.

  • Dr. Kittay’s does not accept insurance, and it is your responsibility to pay for his services at the time he provides them.
  • However, many health insurance policies have coverage for “out of network providers” like Dr. Kittay.

This means you pay Dr. Kittay, and then file a claim with your Insurance Company for reimbursement for services rather than our office doing it for you.

It is easy to file for Insurance Reimbursement from Your Insurance Company.

  • Each time you see Dr. Kittay you will receive an itemized paid receipt with billing and diagnosis codes.
  • You then submit your paid receipt to your insurance company along with a completed insurance claim form.
  • For convenience, you can often submit all paperwork for several visits on the same form at the same time… so you only file monthly or every couple months.
  • Your insurance company then sends a check directly to you.

We are happy to help you complete and submit your claim

  • We will help you get the proper claim form, teach you how to fill it out, and how to file it… It’s really easy…
  • Our office manager will walk you through the process. Filing a claim is not hard.

Speak with your Health Insurer

  • Speak with your health insurance customer service representative or contact the HR Department where you work to get details on your plan’s “Out of Network” benefits.
  • Your Insurance Company can explain how to receive reimbursement and at what rate it will be. Be sure you tell them that Dr. Kittay is an M.D.
  • Ask your insurance company for a reimbursement “Claim Form”, and bring it to your appointment so we can help you fill it out. We may even have a copy of your form on file to make things even simpler.
Fee Schedule

Office Visits: The initial evaluation is an in-depth consultation that includes taking thorough medical and psychiatric histories and psychiatric examination. You will complete diagnostic screening tools for  depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD and other psychiatric disorders as needed.

If indicated, your evaluation will also include a detailed addiction history, urine drug screen and American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) placement program evaluation that is used to create a comprehensive and individualized recovery plan.

A treatment plan including  medication options, medical and blood tests and referrals to other specialists and therapists will be formulated for you.

  • $390- Initial Evaluation
  • $190 – Follow-up office visits

Home Outpatient MD Supervised Detox Care: Patients who are being detoxed at home from alcohol or drugs need daily monitoring by Dr. Kittay during the early phases of their treatment. These are usually by phone or in the office. The doctor is usually in contact with you twice a day, and if needed more often to discuss any medical questions or concerns you may have.

  • $100 – MD Outpatient Alcohol Detox Care per day
  • $100 – MD Outpatient Opioid Detox Care per day

Payments – We Accept:

  • We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, Debit cards, HSA (Health Savings Account), Flex Plan cards or Cash. We do not accept Amex or Checks.
  • You are encouraged to pay ahead at any time using our convenient secure On-Line Payment methods.
  • Payment is always due at the time of service.

Contact us today for more information on our treatment programs.