Dr. Michael J. Kittay, MD

Harvard Trained Addiction Medicine Psychiatrist

Dr. Kittay is a Harvard University trained Psychiatrist and medical doctor who is certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.  This means he is a specialist in the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions, and psychiatric illnesses He received his medical degree with honors from New York University Medical School, then completed programs in general psychiatry, medical psychiatry, sleep medicine, and addiction medicine.

Dr. Kittay is a science based MD Psychiatrist as well as an Addiction Medicine Specialist who uses only cutting edge and  proven medicine treatments.  His training has helped him develop a unique understanding of the interrelationships of addiction , psychiatry and medicine, and the insight and skill to provide his patients unsurpassed compassionate care.

Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine

Dr. Kittay specializes in two medical fields and he sees patients with problems in each of these medical specialties.

Dr. Michael J. Kittay, MD

Harvard University Psychiatrist
  • Adult, Medical & Hospital Psychiatry
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Teaching Hospitals, Medical Psychiatry Senior Psychiatric Resident
  • Boston Veterans Hospital System, Harvard affiliated teaching Hospitals; Psychiatry Resident and Chief Resident

Board Certified Physician

“American Board of Addiction Medicine”

American Board of Addiction Medicine physicians have demonstrated competency and clinical judgment, skills and attitudes essential for the delivery of excellent patient care” in the science and treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders as they relate to: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Psychiatry.

Why choose Dr. Kittay?

Dr. Kittay specializes in Addiction Medicine & Psychiatry

Dr. Kittay specializes in two medical fields and he sees patients with problems in each of these medical specialties.

Addiction Medicine

  • Board Certified in Addiction Medicine
  • DEA certified Suboxone, Sublocade and Vivitrol Physician
  • Specializing in the Treatment of Addiction Complicated by Psychiatric Disorders
  • Addiction Practice meets the standards and guidelines of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and The National Institute of Drug Abuse
  • Medical Treatment of Opioid Pain Pills, Heroin, Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, Stimulant and All Other Chemical Addictions
  • Medical Treatment of Sex, Pornography, Internet and Gambling Addictions


  • Harvard Trained Psychiatrist providing Comprehensive Psychiatric Care for Adults
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Issues
  • Psychiatric care of Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress, ADHD, Bipolar, Eating and other Mental Health Disorders

Dr. Kittay’s Addiction Practice Meets the Standard of Care Established by:

  • ASAM – The American Society of Addiction Medicine Level of Care Criteria;
  • NIDA – National Institute of Drug Abuse Standards For Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Dependency  Practice Guidelines;
  • SAMSHA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Practice Recommendations.

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