Private Confidential Care

Dr. Kittay recognizes confidentiality is very important to everyone. This may be especially true for people dealing with addictions or psychiatric problems.

Confidentiality is mandated in America by HIPAA laws, specifically the Privacy Rule.  Legal protections prevent revealing any information related to alcohol, substance use or psychiatric care even under oath in court in most cases.  This protection applies to all of our patients including physicians, dentists, other health care providers, attorneys, teachers  and business executives.

Unless given specific permission, we will not share any of your health related information with any family member or an employer.

Legal Confidentiality is really only one aspect of the big picture, recognizing and treating each patient with the care, respect and the dignity they deserve.  It is hard enough dealing with addictions and psychiatric issues. Every effort is made to make you feel safe and comfortable. Privacy extends to more than medical  record information.

All patients see Dr. Kittay for scheduled private appointments in his medical office. Your time is important so patients are never overbooked and you are seen promptly and on time.  There are no forced or mandatory group activities or meetings. Patients receive individual office based addiction counseling and psychotherapy.

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